Insurance on Mobile (IOM)

IOM Presentation

Insurance on Mobile (IOM)

In response to the growing preference of consumers to use their smartphones, Insurance on Mobile (IOM) has been developed to support the insurance sector..

IOM is the smart app for Android which will give insurance companies the edge over their competitors by enabling them to service their clients on a 24/7 basis and to further client engagement..

IOM has a plethora of built in features which industry research has identified as giving companies a competitive advantage when deployed within your company.

How does IOM deliver all these benefits?


has been designed to make it easy for your client to submit a claim via their mobile phone within minutes.

The user interface is very user friendly – it allows them to use popular apps like Google maps to give their location and the option to submit photographs of the accident using their mobile phone.


dynamically enables customer to document the incident from the accident location – take photos/videos, record accident site etc. & swiftly upload them from their mobile device.

Customers can access their policy details, check premium notifications from their mobile device - anytime, anywhere.


Using IOM

The client gets an immediate acknowledgement on their phone as soon as their report is received and they are allotted their own unique track number which will allow them to track the progress of their claim.

IOM can be seamlessly integrated with your backend system without compromising your existing databases..

Insurance on Mobile (IOM)

is THE insurance application which will give you the edge and enable you to increase your business share in this highly competitive market.

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