Core Strength


One of the major causes why IST stands out of the crowd is due to marvelous leadership which persuades individuals such that they come to share common goals, values and attitudes, and work more efficiently towards the accomplishment of the organization’s objectives. We constantly develop the vision of every individual to achieve defined organizational goals which have been communicated transparently from day one. Also, by interacting with workforce closely and gaining their support for target achievements we are able to deliver required work proficiently with best quality on time.


To achieve marvelous efficiency in getting complex tasks done we always rely on contributions from several experts which plugged together intelligently through smart team work. There are strong cross functional practices followed by every individual throughout the organization to ensure robust transition process followed by efficient action plans while taking care of interpersonal disquiets. This approach not only distinguishes IST from other competitors but also offer excessive level of confidence to clients with respect to reliability and quality of delivered services.


All of our software development and implementation activities revolve around Capability Maturity Model Integration guidelines for process improvement across entire organization. Embracing those practices not only enable us to achieve optimized way of delivering best services but also safeguard us from possible failures which results in losing client’s confidence. We are not only focusing processes related to software development rather strictly stuck to management and acquisition guidelines as well. We are following  approach for core software development in which iterative and incremental deliveries have been done through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional work groups.