Frequently asked questions

1How can I use IOM
Download the application from your Insurance Company site, register yourself by entering your secured number and you are ready to use. Make sure at the time of downloading either you are connected to a Wi-Fi or have a data plan from your carrier.
2Is IOM available for all Operating Systems
No. IOM has been developed on Android. Versions for iPhone and iPad will be available in due course.
3What are main features of IOM
By using IOM you can submit your auto claims, follow its progress, buy some of the Insurance products online and access other related information about the company.
4How can I submit my Auto claim by using IOM
Download the application and complete the registration procedure. Select option Auto Claim from menu and enter information related to your claim. After the claim has been submitted your submission shall be acknowledged, assigned a track number which you would receive through SMS.
5Can I submit photos of the damaged vehicle through IOM at the time of claim submission?
The option is optional subject to the requirement of your insurance Company.
6What are the benefits of using Track Number.
T\track number helps you to keep track of the progress of the claim submitted earlier. By selecting Claim progress option and entering your track number you can view the details of your Policy status of the claim, amount of Claim approved, Surveyor assigned to survey the damages for your vehicle, Workshop where the vehicle is being repaired. You can email or call to either surveyor or workshop or the company to know the progress of your car repairs.
7Do I need to have a my vehicle insured with the company to use IOM?
No. But need to register yourself to use application for buying Insurance on line and other services.
8Is my data which I submit is secured?
Yes. Your submitted information can be viewed only from the cell number through which you registered yourself. Further in case of enquiry of the claim you need to submit your track number (which is unique) and your vehicle number.
9Are there any system requirements to use IOM?
IOM can be used on Android OS 2.4 or later.
10Can I use IOM if I am abroad?
Yes, but you will need to have a mobile device supported
11How is my personal information/data being used?
Your personal information will be protected as per privacy policy of your insurance company.

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